Clive Drive 2019
You + The Poached Egg = Global Impact + a New “I’m With Clive” T-Shirt

The Poached Egg is a ministry that reaches almost every country in the world.  After partnering with Engage 360 Ministries, we revamped the look and function of the site but that was only the beginning.

Your financial support in 2019 can help us accomplish the following:

  • Targeted research and implementation to increase access to apologetics resources in countries around the world
  • Adding new features including a TPE membership community with forums, a members only blog feed, and live training from apologist, blogging experts, and web design experts
  • Create an app for The Poached Egg which would significantly increase our ability to reach Millennials and Generation Z with solid apologetics and theology resources
  • Continued increase to the functionality of the front end of the site, optimizing the user experience

Clive is the official mascot of The Poached Egg and inspiration for both “Clive Drive” and “I’m With Clive,” which is our new choose-your-own-ending style, interactive apologetics evangelism tract based on C.S. Lewis’ famous Lord, Liar, Lunatic Trilemma.  The interactive tract can be accessed at

To add to the fun, we developed decals and T-shirts to bring people to the interactive tract.  Look stylish in Poached Egg gear and turn yourself into a walking apologetics/evangelism tract!

Donate today and receive an “I’m with Clive” T-shirt with every special donation of $25 or more (we are thankful for donations of all sizes but $25 is the minimum to also receive a T-shirt and larger gifts are for those with the capacity and leading to do so are appreciated).

If you want an “I’m with Clive” T-shirt with your donation THE YOU MUST fill out the form below and then be sure to use the link that comes up after submitting the form to make your donation.  Once your donation processes, we will mail out your t-shirt.

*If you wish to donate but DO NOT want a t-shirt then DO NOT fill out the form below and instead, donate here.)

Thanks in advance for your support of The Poached Egg.

Greg West and The Poached Egg Team

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Click the image above to enlarge.