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The Poached Egg is a ministry focused on bringing together the best content in the areas of apologetics, theology, and the Bible.  This takes time and effort to do well.  We are working hard to make TPE a more valuable resource for the individual Christians and for the Church as a whole.  We are looking to provide value whether readers are new to apologetics or seasoned veterans.

We are also working to make TPE an interactive and collaborative community through partnering with Engage 360 (a ministry founded by apologists seeking to bring more focus on equipping to church to be effective in believers sharing their faith).   The goal is to create an online community where we can sharpen and encourage one another to share our faith and help equip others to do so effectively.

All of this takes time and resources.  Would you prayerfully consider becoming a financial partner.  Donations made through this page will be tax deductible and can be made on a one-time or recurring basis.  Thank you in advance for your support!

-Greg West and the TPE Team

P.S. To begin to understand the impact The Poached Egg has already made you need to continue reading below.

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The Poached Egg is an essential resource for biblical apologetics. It must (and by God’s grace will) survive!   -Dr. Edgar Andrews
No one has contributed more to the distribution of Christian apologetics material than Greg West at the Poached Egg. Happy to support this ministry. -J. Warner Wallace
We’re behind you, Greg! Thanks for what you do to help Christians know what they believe and why! -Lee Strobel

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