So you think Jesus is a legend

Biblical accounts of the life and death of Jesus can be found in historical documents outside the Bible. In fact, one could construct a rough sketch of Jesus’ life and ministry from non-biblical accounts, including both Roman and Jewish historians. One would be hard pressed to explain the rise of Christianity apart from that explanation offered in these and other historical accounts.  The historical reliability of the New Testament—particularly the synoptic Gospels and Acts—has been thoroughly demonstrated. As such, “Jesus myth” theorists, even among skeptics, are considered to operate outside the boundaries of credible scholarship.

Proving Jesus of Nazareth was a real person is one step but this still leaves the possibility that the New Testament writers elaborated details about the life of a real person named Jesus (most significantly that He rose from the dead).   However, if we are to consider that they made up miracles such as the resurrection, a reasonable question to ask is, “Why would they do so?”  Common answers would be so they could have power, wealth, or control.  The issue with that is that the Apostles who started spreading the message of Christianity did not receive those things, in fact, they recieved the opposite.  Most lost status, suffered terribly, and most were killed for preaching the resurrection of Jesus and claiming He was The Christ.  Seeing no motive for lying and all alternative theories having major flaws in explaining how you get dozens of people to sell a lie that does not get them any material gain, it is most reasonable to conclude that they were merely explaining what they actually saw.  They were so committed to this truth that they were willing to die and they would know if it was true or a lie as they are the original source (unlike modern day terrorists who will die for their faith).  This is why Clive believes the resurrection of Jesus is a real, historical event.  Do you?

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